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Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford EssexThank you for visiting my latest blog post, “Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex”.

Above you can find a few recent shots from a wedding I photographed at Apton Hall Wedding Venue. Apart from The Rochford Hotel and The Lawn, this is probably the closest venue to my office! This was for the wedding of Anna and Laurence. Below, you can read the blog I wrote with regards to the promo shots I captured at Apton Hall prior to their opening.

On Monday I visited the brand new Essex wedding venue, Apton Hall in Rochford Essex. I was contacted that morning by the staff at the venue and asked if I could help with a few promotional shots. The venue is still currently a work in progress, so I had to shoot around the diggers, bulldozers, mud piles and workmen in luminous jackets.

I enjoy getting a little creative, and I am extremely happy with the images that I captured. Some of these shots can now be found on Apton Halls Facebook page, and to be eventually used on their brand new website too. The link to their website can be found here.

The photo shoot

The brief was to capture “material” shots. They wanted me to show off the venues quirky features including the stunning Dove Tower, the lights and brickwork of the building. There are gorgeous views surrounding the venue, including great views over towards Canewdon and the church. The other side of the venue there is a lake too, so the options for photos on a wedding day are going to be endless.

The first wedding taking place at Apton Hall is at the end of March 2018, and they are making fantastic progress on site. Even on Monday, there were crowds of workmen dotted around the site, working on electrics and building what I have been told is going to be a very flash bar (a very important feature)!

What’s coming up?

Even as a work in progress, you can just tell this is going to be a gorgeous venue. As it is only 10 minutes around the corner from my office too, I have a feeling I am going to be visiting this place quite a lot over the coming years and it will become one of my regular spots! The staff down there are so helpful and it seems like nothing is going to be too much trouble for them!

I do already have a wedding booking at the venue at the beginning of June, and I am looking to shooting there already. The courtyard area on a gorgeous summer evening is going to be a real hit with the guests! I can imagine live music outside, with guests enjoying the reception drinks. I have already marked a couple of spots in my mind that I know will just work for stunning images. The dove cot will be a definite favourite spots at the venue.

Are you getting married at Apton Hall?

If you are getting married at Apton Hall and you are interested in finding out a little more information about my wedding photography services, please get in touch now. You can either give me a call on 07852 457661 or email

As already mentioned, my office is situated only around 10 minutes away from the venue so you would be more than welcome to pop in! I have a range of albums that I can show you and we can have a chat about your special day.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, and I hope that you like the images I captured of Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex.

Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex

Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex

Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex

Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex

Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex

Since writing this blog post, I have now photographed my first wedding there! Wow it has not disappointed. Find out more by clicking here.


I have been hearing about this venue, where exactly is it Gary?

It’s right down Brays Lane, just before the left turn to Canewdon!

Gorgeous images Gary, love the sunset shot!

Thanks Emma, that was one of my favourites too!

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Apton Hall Wedding Venue Rochford Essex