For all of you that didn’t know, I spent the week over in Les Arcs France for my first ever holiday snowboarding. I had already done 3 lessons at The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead, so that I had a bit of a clue what I was doing when I hit the Alps.

As usual, I flew out of my local airport Southend, straight into Geneva, which was followed by a 2.5 hour coach transfer to the resort. Once I arrived, I dumped my bags in the room and headed straight to the slopes, I was like a kid on Christmas Morning!

I must admit, by the end of the week I had really got the bug and I was managing to link my turns all the way down the runs with out falling flat on my face. What a success when you compare that to my first lesson! (not quite so successful)

I will definitely be heading back out to the Alps for another Snowboarding trip, although being something I had never really thought about doing until recently, I was quite surprised just how much I enjoyed it.

The views out there were just breath taking, and no photo does any justice for what I was seeing, but below you can see a quick snap of me having a rest part way down a run taking in the amazing views around me!

Home from Snowboarding at Les Arcs France

Home from Snowboarding at Les Arcs France


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