Hi, I’m Gary

International award winning wedding photographer based here in Essex

wedding photographer in essex

Fun facts about me –

* I love going to the theatre. The best shows I have seen are We Will Rock You and The Lion King.

* I am scared of heights, but I love flying?!
* Unlike the rest of the UK, I am not a great lover of a roast dinner.

* I photographed my first ever wedding at just 17 years old. I have never looked back since (14 years later).

* I have a real passion for traveling; my favourite place I've visited so far is SE Asia.
* I'm very sporty & enjoy playing football, skiing, snowboarding, and golf.
* I enjoy riding motorbikes; my last bike was a Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R.

* I am currently working on a house renovation, getting stuck in as much as I can when I'm not busy at work!