Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer

As a Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer, I am delighted to be sharing another gorgeous wedding here on my blog. This time, it’s Emma and Connor’s turn. Their wedding took place in August at Vaulty Manor wedding venue. Despite the persistent rain, every droplet added a touch of magic to this special day. I am now very excited to share more.
I’ll be showcasing moments of love and joy that unfolded amidst the drizzle, capturing the unique charm of a rainy wedding day at Vaulty Manor. Amidst the unpredictable weather, a stroke of luck graced us with a breathtaking rainbow, turning the skies into an incredible canvas. As a Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer, I’ve transformed these moments into timeless snapshots, preserving the essence of a day where rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of love.
Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer

About Vaulty Manor

Vaulty Manor is a picturesque and enchanting Wedding Venue that I have been lucky enough to photograph multiple times over the years. Nestled in the heart of the Essex countryside, this historic manor offers a captivating blend of elegance and charm, making it an idyllic backdrop for couples seeking a fairy-tale wedding.
One of the many locations I particularly enjoy at Vaulty Manor is the inside of the main house, where Connor and the groomsmen prepared in the morning. Later in the day, I returned to this location to capture some exquisite portraits of Emma, which you’ll find featured later in this post. It’s also worth noting the exceptional staff at the venue as well. Throughout Emma and Connor’s wedding, I had the delightful experience of collaborating with Stevie and her team, and I must commend the outstanding service they provided throughout the entire day.
Vaulty Manor wedding photographer

A bit about Emma and Connor


Emma and Connor’s wedding day was a celebration of love and joy. I met the happy couple via my girlfriend, as Emma and Katie had worked together a few years prior. The couple radiated happiness, making them brilliant subjects to photograph. Surrounded by laughter and fantastic friends and family. One of whom has since become my golfing buddy (see you soon, Simon)!

Their beloved dog Loki assumed the role of the ring bearer, embodying the couple’s shared love for their furry companion. He transported the rings safely down the aisle and delivered them to his human parents. 

Once the formalities of the day were over, the celebrations certainly did not stop. It’s safe to say that Emma, Connor and all of their guests are party animals! As the night unfolded, I found myself reluctant to depart, as the party continued to bounce with infectious energy.

Vaulty manor wedding photographer

3 reasons to choose me as your Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer

Experience: I have been photographing weddings for over 16 years across Essex and the UK. I have worked at Vaulty Manor multiple times over the years and know all of the best spots for photos.

Personal Connection: Building a personal connection with your photographer is crucial. I will encourage meetings beforehand where we can go through exactly what you require on your wedding day. My aim is to take all of the stress away from you both and help make the photography on the day an enjoyable experience.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials: I have been lucky enough to build up lots of 5 star reviews, some of these can be found here.

As you can see in the photos above, both Emma and Connor got ready at Vaulty Manor. This meant that I could capture both the girl’s and the boy’s wedding preparations, helping me tell the whole story of their day. 

I always arrive early to photograph the venue itself and all of the little details that my couples spend hours perfecting. Everything from the ceremony room to the cake is captured, meaning every little memory from your day is documented forever. 

Once these details are captured, I then head in and capture the preparation photos, some of which you have just seen!

The ceremony is one of my favourite parts of the day to tell the story of 2 people in love. Lots of emotions, and an opportunity for some great photos. As you can see, Loki did a great job as the official ring bearer running the rings down the aisle.

Once the ceremony was complete, we quickly shot outside to take advantage of a brief break in the rain, where we managed to capture some gorgeous portraits of Emma and Connor in front of the manor house. Unfortunately, the rain didn’t hold off for long, and it wasn’t long before we were all running back inside to get in the dry.

Above you can see the gorgeous rainbow that we were treated to partway through the meal. I was just tucking into my meal that Emma and Connor had kindly got for me when someone came to get me to make me aware that there was a rainbow. It was too good to miss, so I raced outside to find Emma and Connor as eager as me to capture a few photos of the rainbow. I loved the way it frames them so perfectly in the images.

We were lucky to get another break in the rain and managed to capture the few family portraits and group shots that Emma and Connor had requested, along with some more beautiful portraits of the 2 of them together, and Emma within the Manor House of Vaulty Manor.

And then finally it was time to party. As I mentioned earlier in this post, Emma, Connor and their guests certainly did know how to party! A great time was had by all and I found myself breaking into a little 2 step fairly often through the night (whilst capturing photos too of course)! 

We finished the day with a couple of nighttime portraits using the umbrella that they had purchased for the day, and I hope you agree, that the end results were stunning!

If you are getting married soon and still looking for a Vaulty Manor Wedding Photographer, I would love a chance to chat with you about your big day. Find out all of your plans and details and learn about you and your partner. Just hit the button below to get in touch.