My booking fee is £400 which fully confirms the date for you.
As soon as you know you want me to photograph your wedding, I would suggest you book me then. The last thing I would want is you to leave it for a while and then when you come to make a booking I have already got another wedding for that date.
This is a hard question to answer, as it will depend on a number of factors. For example, how long I am with you for the day, the number of guests you have, etc. To give you an idea, from a usual wedding day from Bridal Preparations through to the first dance, most of my couples receive between 300-400 fully edited photographs.
Yes, I have professional indemnity and public liability insurance should your venue request this.

I will travel anywhere in the world, and I am more than happy to fly abroad for your wedding.

My office is in Southend-on-Sea, and I am more than happy for you to come down and visit me. This will give you a chance to take a look through some of my albums and get to meet me too. Photography is a very personal part of your day, and it’s important for us to meet beforehand to make sure I am the right match for you.
This can vary depending what you are after. Some people have me attend just for the ceremony and the group shots, however most have me from the Bridal Preparations through to the First Dance.
An engagement shoot / pre wedding shoot allows you and your partner to get in front of the camera with me prior to the wedding day. The main aim of this is to relax any nerves that you may have about photography, and you will actually realise we are going to have a lot of fun come the wedding day.
I have been a wedding photographer for 11 years and have shot over 400 weddings.
After the wedding day we aim for you to be able to see your edited photographs in around 2-3 weeks.
No, I do not write into my contract you must feed me. Most of my clients however very kindly offer me a meal, especially ones where I am attended for 8 hours +.
Your photographs are backed up onto a second hard drive, as well as into the cloud. Therefore the photographs are in 3 different places to avoid any problems.
Yes, the USB is provided with all 3 of my collections.
Yes, a receipt can be sent to you if required.
I have backup equipment for everything! Multiple cameras, lenses, flashguns, batteries… everything is covered!

Definitely. If anything, I will recommend you meeting me before you even book me. Photography is such a personal service you want to make sure that I am the right person for the job.

Every wedding is so different it would be impossible to provide a “one price fits all”. The length of time that I am with you, through to the distance I have to travel to reach your wedding all change the total cost of your wedding collection. If you either give me a call or send over an email I will be happy to provide a quote that suits your wedding day perfectly.