Gusted Hall engagement shoot Hockley

This afternoon I made my way over to Gusted Hall Woods in Hockley for Elizabeth and Robert’s Engagement Shoot. They had also bought along their dog Milo, who I photographed as a pup in the studio when he was younger!

As I pulled up to Gusted Hall I couldn’t believe how busy it was over there! Luckily the crowds of people managed to avoid the spots that we chose for the photographs, and we basically had the woods to ourselves apart from the odd dog walkers passing by. This didn’t phase Milo at all, all he worried about was his ball. A true professional model in the making there!

The Autumn leaves and gorgeous golden sunset made the perfect lighting and backdrop for the images, and 4 of my favourites can be found below!

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To Elizabeth and Robert, I hope you enjoyed the pre shoot, and love the photos that I have shared with you so far. I cannot wait to be a part of your special day, thank you again for trusting me to play such an important role!

Gusted Hall engagement shoot Hockley

Gusted Hall engagement shoot Hockley

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