Privacy Policy.

I (trading as Gary Derbridge Ltd) store your personal details to enable me to complete the service I agree with you as efficiently as I can.

I do not pass on those details, except as part of the service I agree with you (for a third party booking for example) to anyone else. They are not sold or distributed, or used in any other way. They would only be released to a third party if as the result of a court order, I was required to do so by UK law.

By using my website, you are agreeing with my privacy policy.

My Privacy Policy may be changed from time to time, to maintain compliance with current law, or if it becomes obvious, a part is causing confusion to my clients.

If this policy is important to you, you should from time to time check it still meets with your requirements.

What information is collected

As almost all my communication is done via email with you, I collect your email address, your name, telephone number and any other information that I need to complete my service for you effectively. This may also include similar information about members of your family, or friends. I also collect any comments you make which may be used on my website. You are free at any time to request any comments you have made to be removed. I collect information from surveys I send to you. This is purely for quality control, to try and make sure you receive the highest standards of service.


It should be recognised, email is a non-secure way to communicate. Mobile phone calls can be intercepted and so in truth, it’s pretty impossible to guarantee security. That said, I make every effort to make sure my servers and computers are as secure as can reasonably be expected. The information I collect, is stored on my own computers and third party provider servers.

Your rights

You may ask for a copy of all the information I hold about you. If you believe I am holding information that is inaccurate, you can ask me to correct that information for you. If you require a correction, it is essential it is put in writing to me via email at:


From time to time I may have a service that may be of interest to you. I may use your email address to advise you of these services that I believe could be of interest. However, these emails are not sent very often, so I’m quite certain they shouldn’t annoy you. That is the last thing I want to do. If you prefer not to receive these emails, all you have to do is let me know and I won’t send them to you. You can request not to receive marketing emails by contacting me at: Please make the subject line read:   unsubscribe. Or telephone me on: 07852 457661


When you use my website, my server will place cookies on your computer. One is placed if you OK my cookie warning. This makes sure you are not bothered with that for at least a year, provided you don’t change your computer, browser or clear your cookies.

If you opt not to allow them, it will not affect the use of my site, except that your browsing experience maybe slower.

All cookies placed on your computer from my server are completely anonymous and do not track your Internet activity in any shape or form, except during your use of my site. This helps me find out what is of interest to you and helps me place content on the website that is useful to you.

Third Party Links

This Privacy Policy is only valid for my site. If you use a link on my site to go to another site, their privacy policy will probably be completely different to mine. Therefore, I cannot be responsible for their actions and you should confirm you are satisfied with their policy.

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